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NAMICA started out in March 2022 with our first collection; THE SHIRAHAMA, a contemporary dive watch that received generous support from over 600 Kickstarter Backers around the world and raised over ¥30 million Japanese Yen.

Co-founded by husband and wife team Charlie Chang and Aki Nishijima. We set out to create watches that instantly appear familiar, yet are unique in their own right, making our timepieces easy to wear and fitted with industry standard, reliable components combined with solid build quality. 

We're located in Tokyo, Japan. Having moved here from London just over four years ago, we're fortunate to now raise our two young children and call Japan our home. We celebrate this by injecting small details of traditional and contemporary Japanese design influences into our timepieces. By owning one of our watches, you're helping a small business to thrive and allowing us to establish something that we can call our own here in Japan.


Thank you for your support!
Charlie & Aki

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