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NAMICA is an independent Japanese watch company located just south of Tokyo in Izu, famous for our white sand beaches and majestic views of Mount Fuji itself. We aim to create impeccably built, modern timepieces with serious specifications under the hood. 

By taking instantly recognisable, classic styles and combining them with traditional and contemporary Japanese design influences, we are able to create watches that are both versatile and fun to wear. We select materials and design components that have been proven time and again in the industry to be extremely robust and ready to be relied upon wherever you choose to go.

We are a husband and wife team striving to design and build watches that are both interesting yet affordable for everyone, regardless of what stage you are in your collection. By owning one of our watches, you are helping an independent business to thrive and allowing us to establish something small that we can call our own out here in Izu, Japan.


Thank you for your support!
Charlie & Aki

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